Who is zac efron currently dating

Then there was the DJ stuff—he fancies himself an EDM producer, he had a residency at Vegas club Omnia, and he called himself Ansolo. But now he's shed the slightly ridiculous pseudonym and the EDM overtones in favor of a musical persona that uses his actual name and a forthcoming album of tunes he wrote himself.

The movie is currently enjoying a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes after a stint at an impressive 100% (you can bet that's certified fresh) and can only be described as the critical darling of the summer.

(Sorry.) Elgort is drawing praise from his male costars in the movie as well, with Jamie Foxx telling E!

at the film's press junket that this is truly the young actor's big moment.

To truly be a heartthrob one needs to, basically, embody everyone that Zac Efron does.

That's not to say that there isn't a wealth of talent or attractiveness, but rather many belong in categories of their own: The badass actor, the brooding actor, the hot nerd.

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