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On Friday he called from a Los Angeles suburb, where he is living, with an apology and an explanation as to why he missed the first attempt (problem with his cell phone.) He wasn't, though, calling from his home, his publicist's office, or on a set to a movie; rather from the side of the highway where he was working in 90-degree heat performing community service.

EDGE: Do you think you'll be able to use this for your acting?

In the film, Letterle plays something of the opposite of Vlad: an attractive twenty-something who is most unlucky at love. And doing landscaping and stuff with Caltran (The State of California's Department of Transportation.) Basically I got into some trouble, and I was in jail for a little bit.

Based on Eric Orner's popular syndicated comic strip (that had its start here in Boston,) the movie follows Ethan's romantic relationships with any number of men: Kyle (Diego Serrano), a hot football player who has just come out; Punch Epstein (Dean Shelton), an overly horny twink who comes on to him; and Leo Worth (David Monahan), his somewhat bitter ex, who is seeking to remove Ethan from the house where he lives with his best friend, a lesbian named Charlotte (Shanola Hampton). So in order to get out of jail I had to do this community service.

Since then the 27-year old actor took on the title role in The Most Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green, the new gay romantic comedy in theaters this Friday.

Well, not quite new since the film was made two summers ago, and is just seeing release this week.

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