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The wide variety of goods for sale include regional specialities like Westphalian ham, sausage, meat, poultry, fish and textiles as well as bread and bakery products, eggs, dairy produce, honey, fruit, vegetables and flowers.The market is open every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday throughout the year from until .He and his wife turned this tobacco into cigars, which sold very well.

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As the cigar industry expanded, associated industries also sprang up, such as print works and manufacturers of cardboard packaging and cigar boxes.The commercial upturn in Bünde began in the middle of the 19th century, thanks to the cigar industry that replaced the hand production of yarn and linen which had previously been the town's main industry.The story goes that in 1843, Tönnies Wellensiek, father of a young family, went to Bremen on a trolley-bus and walked back to Bünde with 75 pounds of tobacco.Bünde lies in the middle of the Ravensberg Basin between the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehen Mountains in East Westphalia-Lippe.Around 45,500 people live in this 5,930 hectare area.

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