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We cater to ages ranging from 19 up to 65 depending on the event age niche.

For example, I post each event as a designated age group so registrants know the age of majority at speed dating.

On occasion, some registered guests have chosen not to inform me that they aren’t able to attend.

In these instances it is impossible to make up for their space by notifying people on the wait list without advance notice.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter Saskatoon Speed Dating?

People will say they are looking for friends (*cough* with benefits) on Tinder and at singles events. actually like the person, not just the body of the people you are hanging out with, makes sense. And maybe, I just want someone to hangout with in the city.

When Kelly organized events for Match.com, she noticed something.

Men were talking with women, but they were also talking with other men.

I work hard to monitor each event to have a minimum If you know in advance that you can’t make it to speed dating, you have a few options. If you don’t have a friend to transfer the ticket to, there are plenty of people on the wait list who would be happy to fill your seat.

I send a 24 hour reminder email and ask attendees to let me know if they can’t make it.

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