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There are two well-known centers of workshops, Rădăuţi and Marginea, but also Boroaia and Dolheşti are worth a mention.

The potters of the Magopăţ family in Marginea and those of the Colibaba family in Rădăuţi are famous everywhere for their skills.

To this common sense many important persons contributed: Mihai Eminescu, Mihai Slavici, Ciprian Porumbescu and some other young people that came here all over Romanian lands.

The offer of accommodation is varied and there is something for the budget of every traveler.

Bucovina is one of the most attractive and visited touristic areas in Romania.

No wonder this area(famous today all over the world) was given in 1975 the Pomme d’Or international prize by The International Federation of Travel Writers and Tourism Journalists.

The century-old architecture monuments together with the frescos from this country spot were listed by UNESCO among all the universal art monuments.

Keeper of ancient civilization, where history and legend merge together, Suceava district holds evidences of man’s presence from ancient times.

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