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I got a call from the health department telling me someone that I had sex with contracted an STD.

HIV is not the worst disease ever, but it is something that will remain in our bodies until a cure is discovered. I was 21 years old, it was a hot summer day in june when I found out.

CF just needs to bite​ the bullet and keep a couple around in the same way they keep Henry, Jace, Dane, Kenny, etc.[quote]CF's old, crochety, and heavily-Asian subscriber isn't having it.

I'm hoping he comes back for a gay scene, or at least a threesome with a dude. Giving those guys some sort of backstory about a gay encounter is usually a sign that they are coming back. They hinted at a gay backstory for Sean Cody's Sebastian and he never came back. When I heard about the PR getaway, I figured that they'd both been there and then headed off to where they went together. I hope they keep Evan, Barron, Calan, Dave, Thomas and Baker a lot longer and Eli and Rory? I want them to bring back Josiah and/or Maddox, but CF's old, crochety, and heavily-Asian subscriber isn't having it.

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Apparently he was friends with Jake before filming and that's how he got onto the site. I haven't seen the latter, but the former's one of the hotter vids Active Duty's released in years.

They jack off for their gay site and then fuck chicks on the straight site. The camera captured what it was able to capture and what resulted was true honest fucking.

In the glory days of gay porn the director just told the guys what the premise of the video was (if there even was a premise) and then let them go at it.

I've started to forgive myself and realize the past is the past and the only way to go is forward. Could it have been from that quickie in the loo with the barman? I have been with it, and it has been with me a very long time.

I use the words "forgive myself" but really, no one asks for this. Or was it from that guy that I'd met in the cemetery... I was there in the beginning, and yet I find myself, all these years later still here.

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