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His father was a human person and his mother was a human person, so he can be nothing other than a human person.

Despite many claims to the contrary life does not begin at conception: It is an unbroken chain that stretches back nearly to the origin of the Earth, 4.6 billion years ago.

Age, size, IQ, or stage of development are simply differences in degree, not in kind. When we reach maturation, there are many different degrees of skills and levels of IQ.

But none of these make some people better or more human than others.

They realize it's only a matter of time before the public learns the truth.

The newer strategy is to say “Okay, this is human life, but it isn't really a person.” We must not reduce issues of life and death and basic human rights to a semantic game in which we are free to redefine our terms.

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The old and still popular argument that “this isn't human life” is privately known to be erroneous by thinking pro-choice people.

Why should someone else ever have the right to say when you "become a person" or when you are "worth keeping alive"?

Scales and rulers are no measurement of human nature or worth.

Pro-choice advocates often point out that a child aborted in the first trimester may be less than an inch or two in size, or less than an ounce or two in weight. Is a professional basketball player more of a person than someone half his size?

If a two-hundred-pound man loses fifty pounds, does he lose one fourth of his personhood?

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