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As district headquarters, Nalgonda serves as a hub for primary and secondary education for surrounding villages.

Nalgonda has many primary and upper primary schools, offering instruction in Telugu, Urdu, and English.

Some of these implements have been found in the Nalgonda area, similar to those discovered at the Sloan archaeological site in Arkansas.

Traces of Neolithic culture were found at Chota Yelupu, where sling stones and other contemporary objects were excavated.

The DDUKK has been set up with the objective of holistic development of the students and imparting key relevant skills that enable them to be employable at public as well as private sectors.

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The political history of the Nalgonda district commences with the Mauryas.He was quickly defeated and the region brought back to the Bahmani Kingdom.During the time of the Bahmani Sultan Shihabud-din Mahmun, Sultan Quli was appointed as tarafdar of the Telangana region (now the state of Telangana).The University is located on the bank of Holy River Mandakni near Sphatikshila at Chitrakoot.The University is mandated to develop human resource for the economic and social development of rural people, and develops and disseminates rural technology........

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