Jordan amman dating

With over 4 million residents, it is the largest city of the country.

Amman offers you the chance to explore its rich history and experience the hub of activity in the downtown area.

Also, nobody could replace our tickets for the next day either. Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously.

From June to August (summer), the temperatures reach the low 30s.

During the winter (December – February), the cold can be bearable, but may reach as lower than 0, and you might experience days when the air is filled with haze.

These two periods will mean a lower volume of tourists, more availability and possibly cheaper hotel rates, making them the best time to visit. It has a unique geographical position, between Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Then, there are its attractions, as diverse as its people, ranging from touring historic ruins like the Roman theatre to having a party downtown at night.

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