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The Body of Christ is composed of believers from Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and numerous other Christian denominations. Rice (1895-1980) that there's no such thing as The Baptist Church.There was no convention to pay dues to, or answer to, or to rely upon for spiritual guidance while making crucial decisions.I'd be embarrassed if I were a pastor who needed approval from a convention on the workings of my ministry. Every church ought to be independent, answering to God alone, hopefully pastored by a genuine man of God who walks with God.The Independent Baptist tradition began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among local denominational Baptist congregations whose members were concerned about the advancement of modernism and liberalism into national Baptist denominations and conventions in the United States and the United Kingdom.In response to the concerns, some local Baptist churches separated en masse from their former denominations and conventions and reestablished the congregations as Independent Baptist churches.

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Every Christian should stand alone for God, instead of following a group pf men who may lead you away from God.Independent Baptist churches (some also called Independent Fundamental Baptist, or IFB) are Christian congregations, generally holding to conservative (primarily fundamentalist) Baptist beliefs.The term "independent" refers to the doctrinal position of church autonomy and a refusal to join any affiliated convention or hierarchical structure.There are some good Christians within the Presbyterian, Methodist and certain other groups. Until then the Bible teaches that where two or more are gathered in Jesus' name, He is in the midst (a church, ekklesia, a calling out, a popular meeting).Granted, we know that most denominations are of the Devil; such as Roman Catholicism, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Churches of Christ, Lutherans and Seventh Day Adventism. There is no universal church, which is what the word Catholic means.

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