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Shortly thereafter, he was found dead in a parked van outside a school building.

He had established a trust fund, however, that left his wife with some money, and he had insurance that paid off the mortgage of the house.

Her tenacity and business skills help her profit, and eventually, she is able to found the East Meets West Foundation, a charitable group dedicated to improving the health and welfare of the Vietnamese, as well as creating self-sufficiency of the people to run the programs started in Vietnam by East Meets West.Also featuring the latest about the dating, romance and matchmaking scene in Canada.Canadian - Canadian Singles, Chat, Matchmaking, Romance, Dating, Personals in Canada Canadian Singles meet here.The two stories are interwoven to show the circular nature of Hayslip's journey, both her physical journey and her emotional one.Her second memoir, Child of War, Woman of Peace (Doubleday, 1993), continues the same themes in a more linear narrative.

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