Dangle the carrot dating sites

(Don’t forget, that rebound is Knowing the perfect time to hit him or her up doesn’t sound so great now, does it? Sit back and relax while Flavor Connect finds you a similar-tasting SO!

) But hey, at least the app has one thing going for them: Their promising catchphrase that they “never post on your Facebook wall… Who wouldn’t want to try out a dating app that describes itself as “Tinder, minus the poor people”?

I really want to take the concept around what my mother told me a long time ago mainstream.

Basically what my mom told me — I was extremely shy, I didn't have any girlfriends 'til I was 21 — my mom would see me suffering and tell me, "Just focus on your school, study very hard, and some day you will be successful and you can use all the resources that you have to a dating advantage." Ultimately, I took that advice and turned it into dating sites.

The carrot, the bribery, is really about an icebreaker.

I love women, and I am certainly not here promoting that people should abuse them or treat them as an object.ESQ: So the piece says you can give anything from a dinner to a boob job. Is there a limit to what you can offer as far as a bribe?BW: There is, because the limit is what we have programmed in as choices.We have preselected twenty choices that people can bribe. BW: Plastic surgery was kind of thrown in there as a joke, you know?If we have twenty bribes, we decided that one of them had to be not so serious.

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