Cam sex georgian

Gigauri believes that the sex videos may be a dangerous attempt to channel the election campaign towards a discourse on morality."Somebody tries to kidnap the fair and free elections in this country because they want to evaluate people according to their private lives and not according to their decisions or activities in the political arena," she said."The commission decided not to do this, because if they would talk about the whole system, then they should condemn it and not use it in the future.But apparently they felt it was a very powerful mechanism in their hands." "In hotels there were deluxe rooms, suites where they had cameras and when important people went there the hotel administration would put them in these rooms and they were recorded there.

The first parliamentary elections in four years are expected this October, and the release of more scandalous videos is anticipated.

What surprised everybody was the quality of the recording.

Links sent as messages by anonymous Facebook accounts on Friday March 11 to members of the Georgian media opened up a video of a former government minister, recognisable to everyone, having extra-marital sex in high definition.

Saakashvili's government was defeated in elections in 2012 by a coalition of parties led by the former prime minister and billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, and since then the intelligence services in Georgia may have become even more powerful.

In 2015, the State Security Agency separated from the Ministry of Interior.

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