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He lived close enough to the Jewish community to play basketball in a lot adjacent to one of the synagogues. Nissim wasn’t Jewish – not yet – and his world and his friends were on the other side of Rainier Avenue. His second release, Ali ‘Yah, sat for five weeks at number four on the CMJ hip hop charts. His video “Yesterday” was in regular rotation on MTV. His mentor, Vitamin D – DJ, producer, MC, and often hailed as the foundation of Seattle hip hop – took him under his wing at an early age, showed him the ropes, and began recording him at age 13. And Nissim – as his Hebrew name implies – believes in miracles. He also benefited from an early association with hip-hop super-producer Jake One. Some people see images of the Virgin Mary in their toast, too. But he decided it was time to put his gifts back into action, not for self-glorification, but to inspire, to be a positive role model, and to help others. A record deal fell into his lap, invitations for music festivals came out of nowhere, the local press took a sudden interest in him, and he recorded a new album. God can do anything, but He doesn’t usually send messages via broken recording equipment.

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He fiddled with it from time to time but it was dead. He is reclaiming the music's natural poetry." Do you believe in miracles? The other rapper called Nissim and they worked it out. The cops had their man and so they left Nissim and the rapper and everyone else alone. Nissim didn’t know enough – and he was too young – to be an observant Muslim. Enough people asked about his religion to give him a reputation as the local Muslim. He thought about his life – his mother’s recent death from drugs, his good fortune in the music world, his close call with violence and the law, miracles good and bad – and he naturally thought about it from a Christian perspective. Black opened fire in a nightclub and the cops were called and the friend went to jail and D. And fear can sometimes penetrate the pettiness of the street. He was out on parole and in 1996 violated the terms of parole and was sent back to jail. She came from a close family and not being with them for the holidays was a difficult idea for her. And she convinced her sister and her sister’s husband to join them as well. She was with him on his spiritual journey as well and he eventually discussed with her his discovery about the pagan holidays and his interest in the Torah. She was a hardcore Christian, from a strong evangelical background. They cracked open the books, asked questions, and searched online. Not only did his wife agree to join him on his journey in Jewish observance, she took the lead and pushed him to consider an orthodox conversion.

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